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Administrators are very important people in any organization. It is not a general position as perceived by many which requires some highly specialized management and planning skills. A career in administration can be very fulfilling if you are a person who likes to manage resources and keeping everything in the department in check.

Besides running the operations of the company, you will be involved in many other areas including human resources, office resources and others to ensure the smooth running of the business. Check and see what the available positions in administration are and learn more about what are the skills and qualifications that you will need.

Marketing/Public Relations

A marketer is an important professional which can make or break a brand or a company’s image. This job requires you to be able to plan and execute marketing programmes and events that can enhance the brand image or for specific campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are in Public Relations or PR, your job is to preserve good working relationships with your industry partners as well as the media. Both these jobs are intertwined in many ways and if you are interested in charting a career in these areas, then you should find out about what is expected of you.

Fresh Graduate Student with No Experience

If you are still studying and will be graduating soon you will surely be excited to venture into the career path you have chosen in your field of study. However, if you have yet to decide which area you want to be in, it is a good time to explore all the available opportunities in the market. Your degree is not a prescription of what you must do.

Hence, you can always change your career path to one that you are most comfortable with. Check out the available options and see how you can learn from these choices to gain experience as you grow.

Jobs in Sales and Marketing

A career in sales can be highly lucrative and satisfying if you know what you are selling and you like what you do. It must not be confused with the job of a salesman although the dynamics could be similar.

If you like meeting people and can always convince others to believe in your product, then a career a sales could well be your perfect choice.

Here is where you can check out the many options and career paths you can take through a journey in sales and what are the companies and industries that offer sales jobs that are exciting with high remuneration.

"When You Want Something You Have Never Had,
You Have Got To Do Something You Have Not Done Before"

Many have not realised their true potential because they are unwilling to make the changes.They refuse to change as they happy with their routines and the comfort zone. Yet thousands of others, move up the ladder of happiness, because they are willing to go through a little discomfort to experience a new level of success in life.

Success brings happiness, and happiness is basically feeling good about yourself, your life and your plans. Hence, ” Success is joy”. This is where, Jobs2u coaches many individuals in going through these changes through careful planning.

Our Clientele

We do not seek to build a large client – base. Instead, we want work with a few selected client’s as strategic business partners to pass our value added services. Life is too short to go for quantity in this business. We want to deliver value beyond the placement.

We work as partners with our clients, size of company does not matter to us. Over the last 14 years, the principal consultants have worked with small, medium sized or large local Malaysian companies and MNCs. It is our passion to work with any organization that want good talents to build their their organization.

We have a list of clients specially prepared which we are happy to share when we have one to one meeting. Besides successful executive search we also have a list of Human Resources Consulting assignments which we have done. We believe we can share with you our experience and have a long lasting relationship forged.