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CareerBuilders is an innovative and corporate – focused search firm, that ensures clients receive superior value from our services. Our mission is to further our clients’ success by identifying professionals of uncommon ability – individuals to whom our clients might not otherwise have access.

Similarly, we work with candidates to build a rewarding career in their chosen fields. Every candidate is important to us. Even, if we do not have a position for you listed in our vacancies, please call and talk so that we can be a partner to look out for your career needs, that’s why we are known as CareerBuilders.

We have been serving small and large corporates in their executive search needs since the year 2002. We have worked with our clients successfully in fulfilling their needs. Please take a look at the following links to understand how we operate.

Our Philosophy

CAREERBUILDERS works with our client companies to achieve leadership position in their industry. Of the “building blocks” required to achieve that, human resource is a major “building block” which holds any organisation together.

CAREERBUILDERS has been working with small to large and MNC client companies as a strategic partner to provide quality executive search service. Our client partners demand that we consistently achieve the highest levels of qualityand continuously improve the service we provide them. And we are committed to meeting this demand, through our simple and no nonsense philosophy is –

“CareerBuilders is to provide a high quality, affordable service to our client company, by quickly locating qualified candidates that will become long term employees.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to further our clients’ success by identifying professionals of uncommon ability – individuals to whom our clients might not otherwise have access. At CAREERBUILDERS, we help clients gain the most powerful contributions from their human resources. Powerful contributions represent far-reaching measurable results that last.

We are proudly a Malaysian owned company with accumulated 34 years of, hands on experience among our principal consultants in the human resources field, specifically in executive search.

Our Process

Recruiting key executives can be one big challenge, which is why more and more organisations are turning to professional consultants to recruit good people.

CAREERBUILDERS excels in defining skills and experience which is needed for a particular position, identifying the qualified people, and attracting them to the newresponsibility. We are in the business of providing practical, professional and cost-competitive consulting services to our clients. We maintain complete confidentiality of information pertaining to clients and candidates during the executive search process.

  1. Conduct a Needs Assessment by Understanding of Your Organization and develop a Position Specification.
  2. Identify Qualified Candidates and Interview them.
  3. Present the Results of Our Search Efforts To You in a Progress Meeting.
  4. Arrange interview with clients and Conduct Reference Checking.
  5. Mediate during the compensation negotiation.
  6. Follow-up and Ongoing Coaching of the Candidate.

Our Industry and Functional Expertise

Industry Expertise

Property, Telecommunication, FMCG, Industrial Sales, Distributive Trade, Supply Chain, Infrastructure/Construction, Printing, Information Technology, Banking and Insurance Services

Functional Expertise
Chief Executive Officer/General Manager, Human Resource, Marketing/Sales, Production, Finance, Logistics, Retail Operations, Warehousing, Safety and Health, Management Information Systems, Treasury, Risk Management, Credit Management.

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