Chief Executive Officer

A First Board listed company in KLSE with interests in property and infrastructure development, property management and service apartments. Its annual turnover around RM 150 million consistently for last 12 years. The organization believes in developing its human capital to higher position in the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer:

  • Plan & strategize for the future growth of the company focusing on its core activity i.e., infrastructure and property development
  • Secure land banks for future developments especially in Johore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Seek out and build a healthy pipeline of business opportunities for the company’s continued growth.
  • Responsible for all current and future development projects both locally and overseas.
  • Provide stewardship for the company and ensure sound policies and practices in all areas (Finance, HR, Admin, Sales & Marketing, etc.).
  • Create and maintain good relationship with the Government and relevant authorities.
  • Play a crucial role in bridging relationship with the shareholders.
  • Mentoring and lead role in organizational growth and people development
  • Broaden stockholder base through meetings, presentations and other communications with financial analysts, brokers, institutions and others to increase investor company awareness.

Personality of CEO:

  • The candidate (in his early to mid forties) must have tertiary qualification with a relevant university degree. An MBA holder would be preferred.
  • Minimum 10 years experience in property development and currently in a similar role. However, a person who is second in command with equivalent years of experience can be considered.
  • Proven track record in property development involving sizeable projects.
  • Created a name in the property market and associated with success stories in property development.
  • A visionary and creative individual, with excellent leadership and management skills.
  • Hands-on person with a well-rounded experience in property development.

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