General Manager (SVP)

A First Board listed company in KLSE with diverse range of businesses such as investment holdings, manufacturing, financial services, property development, retail operations and hotel operations. Its businesses are spread globally in Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Maldives and Indonesia.

With turnover in excess of RM1 Billion and growing on a steady course has necessitated this very critical position. The organization believes in developing its human capital to higher position in the organization or to head one of its subsidiaries.

Roles and Responsibilities of a General Manager

  • Manages the flow of financial and other information between the corporation, its shareholders and the financial community.
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the company to introduce position and market the company to investors and potential investors.
  • Develops strategies and implements programs to keep the financial community current on company performance and industry trends.
  • Advises company management and board of directors about financial and industry trends, shareholders concerns and competitor actions that might impact the company.
  • Issues statements on business issues.
  • Develop goals and measurements to support corporate strategies and objectives.
  • Assist in preparation of filings for the SC and annual reports to shareholders.
  • Develop and execute communications programs with stockholders and investors in major financial centers.
  • Collaborate with corporate marketing and public relations functions to effectively communicate investor relation’s objectives.
  • Broaden stockholder base through meetings, presentations and other communications with financial analysts, brokers, institutions and others to increase investor company awareness.
  • Stay current on all company business activities, including financial and other material in order to be responsive to investors and to communicate effectively to management the impact of new developments or changes in the regulatory arena.
  • Participate in the identification and resolution of issues and proposes recommended course of action as appropriate.
  • Manage production of stockholder publications including the annual and quarterly reports, fact book, earnings releases and investor news releases.
  • Manage the production of investor presentations, including the Annual Meeting of Stockholders. Review and maintain library of analyst reports; provide summary contents for management.
  • Provide direction on trends, developments, and information needs and related data for investment purposes.
  • Provide regular reporting on analyst, market maker, stockholders and stock market activity for the Board of Directors and management.
  • Production of news releases, articles, etc. on major contracts, capital expansion programs, acquisitions, personnel change, etc. for the business and financial news media.

The Person:

  • Degree in accounting/finance/business administration or other related field.
  • While an MBA is desirable, it is not mandatory.
  • The ideal candidate will have 10-15 years of business experience with a solid financial foundation
  • A minimum of 3 to 5 years in a supervisory role in Investors Relations for a public listed company
  • Analytical experience in either an investment banking environment or in an investment management firm would also be of interest.
  • Solid analytical and interpersonal skills are a must.
  • Will be constantly working with captains of differing industries on a regular basis.
  • Experience in managing a business unit or subsidiary of a large corporation will be highly desired.

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