Senior Vice President – Corporate Strategy and Development

  • Develop effective corporate strategies which are in consistent with the organizational business directions to achieve a competitive business advantage.
  • Undertake groupwide major strategic initiatives and identify new business opportunities from the existing resources.
  • Develop new insights into situations and applies innovative solutions to achieve total business process improvement.
  • Enhance business intelligence and monitor existing and potential competitors’ game plan.
  • Examine policy issues and anticipate potential threats and opportunities.
  • Develop opportunities in new products in order to diversify the existing products to meet market demand.
  • Develop technology evolution framework and assess on the strategic and business impact of the technology to the company.
  • Monitor the deployment of strategies and the overall performance of business achievements.
  • Reinforce company’s  working relationship with regulators in order to strengthen support base.
  • Provide advice to the top management on the regulatory requirements and optimize the company’s position under the licensing scheme.
  • Monitor cost and productivity
  • Inspire, motivate and develop team
Key Result Area (KRA)

(Main areas of job


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

(Performance measure of KRA)

Key Functional Competencies (KFC)

(Knowledge/skills to carry outthe job)

1.     Corporate Performance Review

2.    External Competitive Environmental Analysis

3. Strategy Formulation & Deployment

4. Corporate Business Plan & Budget Formulation

5. New Business Development

Business Plan deployment review

Budget utilization and capital commitment review

Organizational initiatives and major projects review

Business environment analysis report

Industry and competitor analysis report

Technology analysis report

Management-approved 5-year Corporate Strategy

Consolidated and rationalized divisional budgets

Consolidated divisional business plans

Board-approved Corporate Business Plan and Budget

New business model proposals

New strategic alliances and/or partnership developed

·      Strategic thinker

·      Knowledge in short term

and long terms business planning and industry evolution

·      Innovative and change oriented

·      Good networking skills

·      Good management leadership skills

·      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

·      Excellent business acumen skills

Result oriented

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